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Capital of Clothes hangers in China

Product:Auditorium Seating HJ82

Purchase quantity: 913

Process: This is a key project of the Guangxi Provincial Government and the largest export production base of wooden hangers in China and even in the world.

When choosing a product, the customer prefers an elegant and atmospheric product style, which is more harmonious with the overall space environment. Enthusiastic, energetic red fabrics help to promote the    atmosphere of the event. The seat features a personalized embroidered LOGO that is very distinctive. The back of the seat has a book net and a cup holder for easy placement of items.

Feedback:  Although the project has a tight schedule, it has tested the entire process from the confirmation of orders to manufacturing and transportation installation, but in the end it was completed on time and passed the acceptance of government leaders to ensure that the venue can be put into use on time.

Auditorium Seating HJ82 

Auditorium Seating HJ82 

Auditorium Seating HJ82

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