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Film South International studios

Product:Theater Seating HJ9922

Source:Old customers who have cooperated with Hongji for many years

Purchase quantity: 2048

Process:This is the Liuhua Shop in Guangzhou, which is owned by China Film Southern International Film City. There are 15 laser projection halls, including one ultra-luxury VIP projection hall and two 16-meter giant Dolby panoramic auditorium. Customers want to purchase a batch of novel and fashionable cinema chairs, while ensuring a high sense of comfort and experience. After many product comparisons and screening, customers choose HJ9922. This is the iconic product of Hongji cinema chair. It is a high-end theater seat designed by Japan. High-density cold-foamed PU shaped sponge is used in both seat and back. High-resilience sponge has excellent mechanical properties, good elasticity and air permeability, which provides sufficient support for the body and makes people enjoy a relaxed and comfortable movie time.


Feedback:This is not the first time that hongji has worked with the company. Large-scale projects like these, from design, to production, to installation, and even after-sales service, have gone smoothly and reassuringly. Looking forward to more cooperation with hku in the future.

Theater Seating HJ9922

Theater Seating HJ9922

Theater Seating HJ9922

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