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The affiliated Middle School of Guangzhou University

Product:Auditorium Seating HJ96B

Source: Source: Customer Inquiry  The school leaders understand our company through the website and negotiate with us.

Purchase quantity: 836

Process:When choosing products, considering the spacious, atmospheric and bright overall decoration style and purchasing budget of the school auditorium, Hongji sales staff recommended this HJ96B. Compared with the traditional iron-footed auditorium chair, this is a high-grade aluminum alloy auditorium chair, with fashionable rotary writing board, high-grade and elegant appearance. In order to create a vibrant and passionate atmosphere in the school, the final customer chose red cloth to represent enthusiasm, making the whole auditorium brighter and more pleasant.


Feedback: After the completion of the project, the auditorium chair project passed the acceptance of the school leaders. The school leaders are not only satisfied with Hongji's products, but also highly praised its overall service. Before the start of the project, Hongji's engineering team made the layout of the products according to the floor plan of the auditorium, adjusted the appropriate row spacing and the number of seats, which made the auditorium look neat and unified, and very shocking.

Auditorium Seating HJ96B

Auditorium Seating HJ96B

Auditorium Seating HJ96B

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