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The Supreme Court Nigeria

Product:Auditorium Seating HJ818A

Source: Introduction of trading company  The trading company found our company through the website and brought customers to visit the factory.

Purchase quantity: 544

Total: 73,360 USD


Process: when choosing products, the customer is initially entangled. The product must be used for at least 10 years, high-grade durable, but the appearance must be different from the market style. To this end, our salesperson recommended this HJ818A. This style is our company's patent product. The chair foot is made of high quality aluminium alloy, the outer plate of the back outer plate seat is made of paint board, the high-grade generous, and the sponge is made of high density cold-foamed shaped cotton. The customer is very satisfied with the product and will confirm the order very soon.


Feedback: The project was completed in mid-April 2012. The case map was received in 2017, and the product remained as new five years later. The customer was very satisfied and found us again after 5 years' project. In order to set off the solemnity of the court, the client chose black cloth specially and made waterproof treatment to avoid wetting the chair during the use process. Customer reported that the national leaders highly praised the project, calling it "low-key and luxurious, unique and practical".

Auditorium Seating HJ818A

Auditorium Seating HJ818A

Auditorium Seating HJ818A

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